Saturday, May 1, 2010

AFSL for Kevin: First entry

So this cool guy pictured on the right has asked what our favorite ArtFire PRO feature is. He's really cool, so can you blame me for writing a blog post to answer his question? :) Now had he asked about basic features, I'd have said the people. But that's not only for pros. :)

It's actually pretty hard to choose only one favorite. It's not like there's one feature I use all the time and then don't use the others. All of them are useful for their purpose. But since I can talk about features next week too, this week I'll be picking the Coupon codes. Just because the post below this one is all about coupon codes and what you can do with them. And THAT is COOL!

Start here: :)


  1. I love the couponf code option too - it's a big plus for sellers isn't it!

  2. OH yeah! Customers LOVE coupons :) Anything that makes them happy, makes ME happy :)