Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ApronsbyMeme Tween DishTowel Apron - "♡it? ♡it!" Contest Winner

Oh what FUN this has been! The "♡it? ♡it!" Contest has come to a close and we have a WINNER! Thank you all for your entries, votes, comments, visits, and all around kindness. ♥ YOU! :)

Before I tell you all about the gorgeous Tween Apron that won this popularity contest, a little bit about the contest and the beautiful 21 entries shared by our fellow talented artisans.

This was a weekend contest, running on mv's Fan Page from 1/22/2011 to 1/23/2011. All my lovely talented fans were invited to share their own most favorite creation, and we all got to vote on ALL the ones we liked. "Like it?? Like it!!" as I say :)

21 GORGEOUS creations were entered in the contest, and you can see them in the collage below. Aren't they amazing? I couldn't help but vote for all of them! You can find a list of links to each entry below the collage.

While not everyone voted, we had an amazing reach with over 25,000 views in just 2 days, 177 comments, and 119 likes overall. What a SPOTLIGHT!

You can check out all the entries by clicking on the links below (don't worry, they will open in a new window, so you can easily come back to this page). You can still vote 'Like' and comment, it's never too late to let artisans know how much you appreciate their creations :)

1st entry2nd entry3rd entry4th entry5th entry6th entry7th entry8th entry9th entry10th entry11th entry12th entry13th entry14th entry15th entry16th entry17th entry18th entry19th entry20th entry21st entry

Wheee! That's a lot of ♡s, LOVE it!! :)

The top THREE Winners in the contest were:

☆I with 11 likes:
  • Tween Apron

    ☆II with 9 likes:
  • Denim Tutu

    ☆III with 8 likes:
  • Brownies Mix
  • Lillie Purse
  • Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

    And now, let me tell you all about Kris and her AWESOME Tween Apron! :)

    Kris is an amazing crafter, queen of creativity and of the sewing machine. Even when she speaks, she says SEW instead of SO :) She is SEW SEW awesome :)

    She is the inventor of the Original DishTowel aprons you can see in her shops at ArtFire and Etsy, and she is also creating many other amazing original dishtowel items such as remote caddies, garbage bag holders, bibs, and more. She is actually planning to open a second shop with even more creations, stay tuned!

    The Tween Apron that won the contest is one of the most practical aprons you'll ever get for your tweens, and they are all around useful, and not only in the kitchen.

    What's great about Kris' aprons is that you don't have to fumble around with strings and ties. She uses a copyrighted method to fasten them, and let me tell you, once you buy your apron from ApronsbyMeMe and use it, you'll want to get one for every friend AND their dogs! ;)

    Look at how happy the model is! Your tween will be just as happy. How could they not be when they'd be wearing such a cute handmade creation? :)

    SEW go ahead, pop on over and check out her ArtFire and Etsy shops, you won't be disappointed. Eye Candy! While there, you can also take the opportunity to congratulate her on winning the "♡it? ♡it!" contest, she will very much appreciate your kind words.

    You can find Kris at:
  • http://ApronsbyMeMe.artfire.com
  • http://ApronsbyMeMe.etsy.com
  • http://fb.com/ApronsbyMeMe
  • http://twitter.com/ApronsbyMeMe

    See you at the next "♡it? ♡it!" Contest, coming soon to a location near you: mv's fan page on your computer LOL If you'd like to participate and have a date preference, comment below with your preferred weekend in February and I will try to do it when most people are available :)

    Heartfelt thanks to all who've enjoyed this contest. You've made it so FUN! Thank you ♥
  • Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    1-11-11 bonus FUN sale

    Today is very SPECIAL :) A date like 1-11-11 doesn't come around very often, so to honor the magic number 5 of this palindrome, I am having a special Secret Item sale today, in addition to the already AWESOME New Year's clearance sale. :)

    Today ONLY! Count'em, FIVE! gorgeous earrings' prices have been slashed to up to 82% OFF, this won't happen again for a loooong time, so take advantage of it! :) What's the catch? They are secret items, so you'll have to find them :) Look for the unbelievably high quality-creativity to price ratio and then check the More Info section on the product's page for the ❁ symbol marking the item as a Secret item.

    Comment on this post at 11:11 1-11-11 your local time for a special gift! (both AM and PM count)

    Win a free gift certificate by entering the ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪ GIVEAWAY.

    mv Games
    mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    OWOIWN 2011 GIVEAWAY: ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪

    This month's games have ended. Thank you all for the FUN! Please come back Feb 1st-8th for the next mv games and awesome prizes. Much LOVE!

    This giveaway goes with the ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪ (OWOIWN) New Year's Clearance Sale which has just started :) The giveaway and the sale are week-long and end on January 12th 2011 at 11:59 EST.
    The giveaway PRIZES:

  • TOP SCORE PRIZES (20 mvPOINTS+, ties will be broken in the order of comments on this blog post):
    mv OWOIWN 2011 Contest Prizes1st place @kraftymax........ Blessed Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil Filled Cross Necklace (fragrant)
    2nd place @apronsbymeme....... Blessed Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil Filled Cross Bracelet (fragrant)
    3rd place @InletBill........ Blessed Frankincense and Myrrh Anointing Oil Filled Cross Phone Charm (fragrant)

    200 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $5
    160 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $3
    120 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $2
    80 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $1
    20 ............ COUPON: mv magnet & bookmark for 25c (bookmark comes with magnet, approx. 1"x4" with green or purple ribbon)
    1 .............. One cool dot on the dotties page (19 max) :)
    ~Possible mvPOINTS: 600 (three $5 gift certificates if playing to the max :).

  • Random PRIZE:
    One lucky participant will be chosen using random.org and will win a $10 gift certificate. Enter the giveaway either by posting a comment, sending an email, or in any of the ways described below (all venues qualify, FB, twitter, blogs, etc.)

    ❁ The giveaway GAME ❁

    Every day, a secret item will be discounted more than 75%OFF. Find it first and you can get a wonderful beauty for less than it cost to make! The item will go back to its old price at midnight and will be announced on my fan page the next day. Tweet the secret item link with the words #OWOIWN #75OFF and win 10 mvPOINTS! Purchase it and win 20 mvPOINTS! Purchase and tweet for 30 points total. That's almost half way to the first gift certificate!

    (Secret items have a ❁ mark in their More Info area. The "Was" price for these items is secret and does not reflect original retail price. Find the ❁ to see the original price.)

    Tuesday 1-1-11 is a BONUS DAY and FIVE secret items will be deeply discounted! That's FIFTY mvPOINTS if you find them all and tweet them with the #OWOIWN #75OFF tags!! :) :)

    How to participate:

  • Find the secret items mentioned above and tweet with #OWOIWN #75OFF: 10 mvpoints each
  • Promote this giveaway and add the word #OWOIWN: 5 mvpoints each
  • Retweet any of @mvbeads's tweets: 5 mvpoints each
  • Tweet an item from http://mv.ArtFire.com and add #OWOIWN: 1 mvpoint each
  • Add #OWOIWN to a funny tweet: Priceless :)

  • Promote this giveaway and add @mv: 5 mvpoints each
  • Comment on any Giveaway related post on my Fan page: 2 mvpoints each
  • Click Like on any Giveaway related post on my Fan page: 1 mvpoint each
  • Referrals: 1 mvpoint for each lovely new fan referred by you (who mentions who sent them)

  • Purchase any product from mv.ArtFire.com: 20 mvpoints per item
  • Post a link to this blog in the forums: 5 mvpoints
  • Add a widget with a link to this blog post: 10 mvpoints

    Blogs and other venues:
  • Promote this giveaway and comment below with a link: 5 mvpoints each
  • Be creative: 2-10 mvpoints each :)

    PRIZES while supplies last. First come, first served. Coupons and gift certificates cannot be combined (one coupon/gift certificate per order). Coupons and gift certificates are transferrable. All prizes come with FREE shipping to the US. mvPOINTS can be redeemed at any time by sending a tweet to @mvbeads with the hashtag word #mvREDEEM and your choice of prize. OWOIWN coupons/gift certificates are valid January 15th to February 28th. I will reply through a Direct Message within 24 hours and send the code corresponding to your prize. The points will be deducted from your available mvpoints as soon as your code becomes live.

    ============ SCOREBOARD ============
    totalSCORES - POINTSavailable - @player
    1 - 0 - @addisonscompass
    216 - 0 - @apronsbymeme
    1 - 0 - @Artibility
    5 - 0 - @Cozy_Moments
    5 - 0 - @Demure4you
    5 - 0 - @DSDRhinestones
    5 - 0 - @eccladyland
    10 - 0 - @eversochic
    5 - 0 - @Glamaroni
    1 - 0 - @iamagigglebot
    35 - 0 - @InletBill
    5 - 0 - @IsabelTrent
    5 - 0 - @JulieClarkArt
    220 - 0 - @kraftymax
    1 - 0 - @letamariedesign
    5 - 0 - @M0lt0nfusedglss
    5 - 0 - @MountainGoth
    1 - 0 - @OrigMischief
    1 - 0 - @pineconeteacup
    2 - 0 - @rebeljewel
    5 - 0 - @RonOstlundjr
    5 - 0 - @rothmanmcmiller
    5 - 0 - @Sassyseren
    30 - 0 - @sleem1948
    20 - 0 - @SturmDM
    27 - 0 - @TheSpottedOlive
    6 - 0 - @UniQCreations
    5 - 0 - @UniqueNique01
    5 - 0 - @vabeachquilter
    15 - 0 - @WebSelling4U
    1 - 0 - @whitesuggarshop
    1 - 0 - @zenhen
    3 - 0 - Bless Others With Cards
    1 - 0 - Kim P. M.
    1 - 0 - Kristin S. H.
    1 - 0 - Laura H. R.
    4 - 0 - Laurel M.
    1 - 0 - Monica D. N.
    1 - 0 - Tanya N.

    Do let me know if you are a player and I've missed you.
    (Scoreboard last updated Wed 11:59 PM)

    ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪ Go ahead, have a blast and enjoy the giveaway and the sale! :) Look forward to new products coming next month, including a new line of beautiful and inspirational greeting cards ♥ ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪ :)


    1st place - @kraftymax
    2nd place - @apronsbymeme
    3rd place - @InletBill

    The following players have qualified for a $5 GIFT CERTIFICATE:

    And the winner of the random drawing at random.org is.... ::DRUMROLL::

    ... out of 39 AWESOME participants ...

    Laura H. R. with her Like entry from my fan page!

    I will contact all four of you :)

    Many have qualified for the magnet and bookmark prize, and all can request a link on the Dotties Page. TOP dottie gets an SEO link to their website. Do let me know if you wish to be added to the Dotties list ♥

    Contact me for your magnet+bookmark prizes ♥ Thank you all for playing, you've made this SUPER FUN! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! :)

    Heartfelt Thanks!
  • Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    New Year Clearance Sale Jan 5th-12th

    ♫♪ OUT with the old, IN with the new ♪

    Mark your calendars! January 5th to 12th is the New Year's Clearance Sale at http://mv.ArtFire.com! Making space for new products, and even a new line of beautiful and inspirational greeting cards coming soon! So go ahead, have a blast and enjoy the sale!

    To thank you for helping make space for new products, I will also have a giveaway, to be announced soon. One secret product a day will be reduced at 75% OFF retail price! Find it first and it's yours for less than the cost of the materials :)

    Sale starts tomorrow! Don't miss it!

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Kakuro Color Coded Cheatsheet FUN for a Happy 2011

    It's that time of the year when we write the wrong year on checks, make hard to keep resolutions, and feel we are ready to start everything afresh. The baby 2011 has just arrived and it promises to be a WONDERFUL year! I mean, it starts with 1/1/11, isn't that PERFECT? :)

    So here's to an EXCELLENT year for everyone! A 2011 filled with love, joy, prosperity, success, good health, and all the happiness life can bring!

    And since I have a few days off, I've used my vacation to feed my Kakuro addiction and made the color coded cheatsheet I've always dreamt of having. I'm sharing it with all Kakuro and Sum Sudoku fans as an addiction feeding gift :) I hope you find it useful, pretty, and easy to use!

    UPDATE: Now available as a poster as well AND in three different sizes WOOT! Get it at zazzle, it's awesome and it makes a GREAT gift! :)

    See below for a free PDF download and I've also uploaded the cheatsheet as JPG images (click to print large size):

    Kakuro Sum Sudoku Color Coded Cheat Sheet Page 1Kakuro Sum Sudoku Color Coded Combinations List Page 2

    You can download the PDF here (free download, no registration required, but there's a 20 second countdown wait): Kakuro Sum Sudoku Color Coded Combinations List.

    Scroll all the way down and click the Regular Download button. The file is very small (60KB) so ignore all the slow download warnings, it's actually pretty quick once you get past the Captcha.

    Free download Kakuro Sum Sudoku Color Coded Cheat Sheet

    The list is color coded by total sum and number of cells so it's easy to spot the row I'm looking for. Even numbers are white and odd ones are gray. Lucky unique sums are bolded.

    I keep the file open in Facing-Pages View and Alt-tab between my browser and the PDF viewer when I need a sum I can't remember, like those pesky 4 and 5 cells in the 20s :)

    I used to use the Kakuro Number list at http://www.grosse.is-a-geek.com/kaklista.html, and the Always Used feature has come in handy quite a few times, so I've integrated it into this list as well.

    The headers mean:
  • ++: Total sum for group of cells
  • ##: Number of cells/squares/boxes
  • Possible: Possible combinations of non repeating numbers for that particular ++ and ##
  • |2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|: The color codes for each number of cells. White is 2 cells, lavender is 3 cells, green is 4 cells, etc...
  • Common: Numbers that appear in every one of the possible combinations. Sum 35 in 7 cells will surely have a 5, for example.
  • Used: All possible numbers from all the combinations. A cell in a group of 2 for sum 6 can only be 1, 2, 4, or 5 for example.
  • Not used: These are in adjacent sums, as they cannot appear in this particular sum. For example, a sum 12 in 4 cells cannot have any cells with 7, 8, or 9 in them.

    Now that you have an easy to use cheatsheet, head over to Puzzles Kingdom and have fun playing Sum Sudoku and Kakuro :)

    ♥ Wishing everyone a blessed 2011, filled with all the good things in life. May you be Happy, Healthy, Loved, Prosperous, and Successful in all your endeavors!

    It's going to be a WONDERFUL year, I can't wait to see the excellent adventures it will bring :)

    To all, a Happy New Year!
    (And if you are looking for colorful gifts, head on over to http://mv.ArtFire.com ::grin:: )