Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ApronsbyMeme Tween DishTowel Apron - "♡it? ♡it!" Contest Winner

Oh what FUN this has been! The "♡it? ♡it!" Contest has come to a close and we have a WINNER! Thank you all for your entries, votes, comments, visits, and all around kindness. ♥ YOU! :)

Before I tell you all about the gorgeous Tween Apron that won this popularity contest, a little bit about the contest and the beautiful 21 entries shared by our fellow talented artisans.

This was a weekend contest, running on mv's Fan Page from 1/22/2011 to 1/23/2011. All my lovely talented fans were invited to share their own most favorite creation, and we all got to vote on ALL the ones we liked. "Like it?? Like it!!" as I say :)

21 GORGEOUS creations were entered in the contest, and you can see them in the collage below. Aren't they amazing? I couldn't help but vote for all of them! You can find a list of links to each entry below the collage.

While not everyone voted, we had an amazing reach with over 25,000 views in just 2 days, 177 comments, and 119 likes overall. What a SPOTLIGHT!

You can check out all the entries by clicking on the links below (don't worry, they will open in a new window, so you can easily come back to this page). You can still vote 'Like' and comment, it's never too late to let artisans know how much you appreciate their creations :)

1st entry2nd entry3rd entry4th entry5th entry6th entry7th entry8th entry9th entry10th entry11th entry12th entry13th entry14th entry15th entry16th entry17th entry18th entry19th entry20th entry21st entry

Wheee! That's a lot of ♡s, LOVE it!! :)

The top THREE Winners in the contest were:

☆I with 11 likes:
  • Tween Apron

    ☆II with 9 likes:
  • Denim Tutu

    ☆III with 8 likes:
  • Brownies Mix
  • Lillie Purse
  • Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

    And now, let me tell you all about Kris and her AWESOME Tween Apron! :)

    Kris is an amazing crafter, queen of creativity and of the sewing machine. Even when she speaks, she says SEW instead of SO :) She is SEW SEW awesome :)

    She is the inventor of the Original DishTowel aprons you can see in her shops at ArtFire and Etsy, and she is also creating many other amazing original dishtowel items such as remote caddies, garbage bag holders, bibs, and more. She is actually planning to open a second shop with even more creations, stay tuned!

    The Tween Apron that won the contest is one of the most practical aprons you'll ever get for your tweens, and they are all around useful, and not only in the kitchen.

    What's great about Kris' aprons is that you don't have to fumble around with strings and ties. She uses a copyrighted method to fasten them, and let me tell you, once you buy your apron from ApronsbyMeMe and use it, you'll want to get one for every friend AND their dogs! ;)

    Look at how happy the model is! Your tween will be just as happy. How could they not be when they'd be wearing such a cute handmade creation? :)

    SEW go ahead, pop on over and check out her ArtFire and Etsy shops, you won't be disappointed. Eye Candy! While there, you can also take the opportunity to congratulate her on winning the "♡it? ♡it!" contest, she will very much appreciate your kind words.

    You can find Kris at:
  • http://ApronsbyMeMe.artfire.com
  • http://ApronsbyMeMe.etsy.com
  • http://fb.com/ApronsbyMeMe
  • http://twitter.com/ApronsbyMeMe

    See you at the next "♡it? ♡it!" Contest, coming soon to a location near you: mv's fan page on your computer LOL If you'd like to participate and have a date preference, comment below with your preferred weekend in February and I will try to do it when most people are available :)

    Heartfelt thanks to all who've enjoyed this contest. You've made it so FUN! Thank you ♥

    1. Thanks Mv for such a Fun Contest!!! It was Great to see such Amazing, Talented and Creative Artisans!!! I am Grateful and Humbled to be a part of a Fun Fun Group!!! It isn't a competition among all of these Crafters!!! They Love and Support each other!! How Great is THAT???

      And Thanks for the wonderful words about my Tween DishTowel Aprons and the rest of my DishTowel Creations!! It is a lot of fun Sewing and creating things. And Thanks for all of the votes!!!

    2. Sweet sweet Kris! You are most welcome ♥

      It was great FUN seeing everyone's creations. We have to find a better word than contest for these fun games :) There is a lot of sharing and caring going on, and a lot of enjoying seeing what other artisans have created. I wish 'contest' didn't have the 'competition' connotation :)

      I have very much enjoyed writing about your creations, I am your biggest Fan! :) I just LOVE your dishtowel ideas, the attention to detail, and the AWESOME color combinations! Looking forward to seeing many many more of your creations :)

      Thank you again for participating, for entering such a cute creation, and for cheering everyone on as your usual sweet self :) ::mwah::

    3. Congrats to you Kris - you and your wonderful creations deserve it!! ~KM