Monday, August 2, 2010


See below for day-long games and check @mvbeads for hourly games (12-8 PM EDT). The TOP winners will be announced on this blog at 9pm EDT on August 2nd.

mvPOINTS will be awarded to game winners, each game having a certain value announced in its tweet or description.

mvpoints can be redeemed at any time by sending a tweet to @mvbeads with the hashtag word #mvREDEEM and your choice of prize. August coupons/gift certificates are valid September 1st to September 30th.

I will reply through a Direct Message with the code corresponding to your prize, and deduct it from your available mvpoints. Heads-up that Direct Messages can only be sent to followers, and that I may answer instantly, or it may take a little longer, depending on my work schedule.

============ SCOREBOARD ============
totalSCORES - POINTSavailable - @player
25 - 6 - @apronsbymeme
1 - 1 - @mvbeads
15 - 15 - @ScarletLeonard
151 - 151 - @TheGoldTigress

Do let me know if you are a player and I've missed you.
(Scoreboard last updated Mon 9:00 PM)

PRIZES while supplies last.
First come, first served.

August prizes will be given out at the end of the month. Coupons and gift certificates cannot be combined (one coupon/gift certificate per order). Coupons and gift certificates are transferrable. All prizes come with FREE shipping to the US.

1 .............. One cool dot on the dotties page (19 max)
20 ............ COUPON: get this magnet for 25 cents.
40 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $1
60 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $2
80 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $3
100 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $5
~Max mvPOINTS: 180

1st place ........ COUPON: 50% off any order.
2nd place ....... COUPON: 40% off any order.
3rd place ........ COUPON: 30% off any order.
Top winners can also exchange their prize for an SEO makeover on one of their products/web page.

Good luck ♥

All day long games:
5 mvpoints: Tweet @mvbeads your favorite shop from this undiscovered shops list. 5 points per tweet, maximum 5 tweets (max mvpoints for this game: 25).

5 mvpoints: Tweet @mvbeads a link to your favorite mv creation. 5 points per tweet, maximum 5 tweets (max mvpoints for this game: 25).

10 mvpoints for promoting August's games. Up to 2 entries, or 20 mvpoints. :) (let me know so I can add them to the scoreboard).

Black and white and red all over:
Embarrassed skunk.
Sunburned penguin.
Dalmatian with diaper rash.
JimmyTheT in a red coat.
A newspaper.

Items with purple in them: 12

Necklaces in all categories: 21

How many beads in this necklace: 109 (104 without crimp covers)