Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A different type of poll

Congratulations KraftyMax with 47 poll votes! ♥ ::happy dance::
The poll has ended. THANK YOU all for your WONDERFUL support. Still counting the promotional entries, #AFP has been a success :)

We are celebrating 6 months of AFUS (Artfire Favorite Undiscovered Studios) features, and to honor the wonderful selfless supporters I've had the opportunity to see in action, I would like to present to you a different type of poll.

ArtFire has just introduced the Like button for studios. So why not use it as a vote counter? :) Since it's so new, it gives everyone a pretty fair level playing field, so let's use it!

I would like to limit the number of studios to make it easier to vote, but I definitely plan to run a Favorite Supporter Poll regularly, so if you have been quietly supporting undiscovered studios, do let me know so I can send my heartfelt thanks.

The 10 studios I've picked for this month's Favorite Supporter Poll, are just 10 out of 29 (I know of) who have been very active in helping ArtFire shops get their first sale. Come back next month to see some more of these beautiful studios run by wonderful, selfless people.

How to vote:
To vote, click Like inside the studio(s) you like. Easy peasy :)

The Like button is on the left side of each studio, under the avatar. The voting will be done by clicking the Like button, such that it changes to Liked. Vote for all the ones you like, the Like votes will be tallied Tuesday May 25rd at 11:59 PM PST.

If you see a Liked button under the studio avatar, it means you have already voted for that studio, Thank You!
I Have NOT Voted Like=You can vote. I Have Voted Liked=You have already voted.

Participating studios (links open in a new window):

AndreaDesigns (40)+25
ExquisiteStudios (11)+25
hummingbirdtak (0)+16
InletImages (0)+18
KraftyMax (10)+47
Melekdesigns (5)+18
OuttaSight (1)+11
quirkydame (0)+27
vabeachquilter (54)+40
Valmade (0)+14

These are all GORGEOUS shops and you will truly enjoy visiting them. We all need more beauty in our lives :)

So go ahead, click them and then click Like whenever the sight pleases you. Scroll up this page for the background story of the poll, scroll down to see how YOU could win $10.

The prizes:
The TOP WINNER of the poll will win a $20 gift certificate to use in any of the undiscovered shops that have joined more than 3 months ago. The complete list of undiscovered shops can be found in this forum thread.

Everyone who promotes this poll will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 gift certificate to use in an undiscovered shop from the aforementioned list. One entry per promotion instance, for up to 20 entries per person. Comment in any of the related voting threads, email me, or comment below to let me know you are participating by promoting the poll.

Thank you all! Let the games begin! :)

List of $10 giveaway participants, updated nightly (contact me if I've missed your entries). NOTE: The link to the poll should go to where people can see all the participants. :) It is safest to use http://bit.ly/anLfdD (or any short URL pointing to the top of this post, the voting area of this post at http://mvbeads.blogspot.com/2010/05/different-type-of-poll.html#votenow, the forums, or anywhere where the whole list of participants in in plain sight).

@vabeachquilter, VaBeachQuilter, @kraftymax, @kraftymax, Krafty Max Originals, @kraftymax, @JewelryHaven, @vabeachquilter, @kraftymax, @vabeachquilter, @kraftymax, VaBeachQuilter, @vabeachquilter, Krafty Max Originals, Shallas Designs, @kraftymax, @vabeachquilter, @kraftymax, @vabeachquilter, @vabeachquilter, @DesignWithHeart, @kraftymax, @apronsbymeme, @ARTIBILITY, JennyZ DreamZ, Aprons by MeMe, Aprons by MeMe, @apronsbymeme, @Craftyscreation, @kraftymax, Aprons by MeMe, Aprons by MeMe, @kraftymax, Aprons by MeMe, Aprons by MeMe, @vabeachquilter, @kraftymax, @dee_hausker, @apronsbymeme, @apronsbymeme, @kraftymax, ............

WOW! ::happy dance:: ♥ There have been too many tweets and posts to try to find them all. Thank you ALL! ♥ Please do comment below if you have entered and you are not on the list above. We might have a second drawing. :)

41 known entries entered at random.org's list randomizer... Picking random number: 23. 23 on the list:
~~~~~~ DRUMROLL ~~~~~~

WOOT WOOT! ♥ CONGRATULATIONS Krafty Max! One of your twitter promos was the WINNING entry! WINNING both the number of poll votes and the giveaway! AMAZING!


  1. Wow! How exciting! I have tweets set for the next couple of days and posted/shared on Facebook.

    You do such a wonderful job promoting the undiscovered shops!

    Kim :o)

  2. Thank you for such kind words and for helping promote the poll! You've always been someone I could depend on to help with the monthly AFUS winners, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless kindness! <3

  3. What a wonderful idea!! Just found your post through Krafty Max's tweet and did a tweet of my own!
    Just started on ArtFire myself and would like to really 'grow' the business.

    If you get a chance, please come visit my new blog too at http://handmade-jewelry-haven.blogspot.com

    Lisa Verde
    Handmade Jewelry Haven

  4. Thank you so much for promoting the poll Lisa! I have added today's entry to the $10 drawing :) Good luck!

    And I am SO glad we've got to meet :) I've added your gorgeous shop to the list of newbie shops in the forum, and couldn't resist submitting that gorgeous lampwork bracelet of yours to VHM! Looking forward to seeing more beauties added to your shop. You do awesome work!

  5. I went through the list and voted for who I like. Good luck to everyone!

  6. YAY! Thank you <3 I hope you are feeling better! Don't catch a cold!

  7. Hi Mv, You work so hard to promote your fellow Artisans. You are one special Lady♥ I will tweet and promote the poll on my FB. Best Wishes Kiddo♥

  8. wonderful went to all but not all like buttons showed will try later again.
    I am also on ArtFire and have 15 likes since most ppl dont know about it :)
    - i wanna get on this list
    Great job - you are so awesome!!!
    XO Anna

  9. Awesome-ness!!! I liked and also promo'ed it on my personal facebook page :)

  10. ♥♥♥ Oh my! SO happy right now! ::happy dance::

    You have no idea how much your support means to me! It's thanks to supportive and caring people like yourselves that any of this can happen, that the world at large can find more about the beauty and wonderfulness of handmade.

    Kris, you are one special lady yourself! Thank you SO much for helping promote these 10 wonderful people and shops.

    Anna, thank you SO much, it does take a few seconds sometimes for that button to show up, sometimes FFB is slow in responding even to simple Like buttons... I just liked your ArtFire store :) And it's very easy to get on the list as I always keep an eye out for artists who promote undiscovered shops and add them to my "people to thank" list :)

    Jenny, you are AWESOME!

    Off to add all your entries in. I know people who promote this are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, the entries are just my THANKS and acknowledgment of your wonderful kindness!

  11. I just love this.....I get to help promote others, promote myself and even get some notice and mention for MV......what could be more perfect!!! Thank you MV for all the support and friendship you have given me and all the others that you help....you are WONDERFUL!!! ~KM

  12. Great idea to use the like button. You do such a great job promoting others, and have such innovative ideas. Thanks for all you do for the artfire community!

  13. Oh my! With all the #AFP FUN, I've missed your comments yesterday. Thank you so much for dropping by, and heartfelt thanks for all your help with the poll. We got more votes during the #AFP, it's awesome! The more people know about AFUS supporters and favorite undiscovered studios, the happier I am :)

    KM, thank you so much for your kind words! You are as sweet as always and an AWESOME supportive lady!

    ajoeynamedroo, your very kind words go straight to my heart, thank you for making my day! Thank you so much for your help during #AFP, very much appreciated. Thanks to you I could keep the poll tweets alive :)