Monday, May 17, 2010

Unique Button Crafts from WishUponAWishbone

05/17 Buy Handmade, Make Someone Happy
Special Feature

Today's shop is a Silver Finalist in the Artfire Favorite Undiscovered Studios poll and makes very unique items you are sure to not find anywhere else: wishbones made from buttons. Ever wondered how to find that unique gift that would set you apart? Wonder no more because...

... WishUponAWishbone is here to save the day! :)

And those are not any wishbones, they are customized wishbones. You can even find quirky wedding wishbones in this shop, or request any type of wishbone be made especially for you.

Brigitte is a proud Canadian, and the owner of WishUponAWishbone. She creates costumes for a large theatre company, so you can be sure she will never run out of buttons. Better yet, anything you'd like customized, she probably has the right button for it :) She also creates button jewelry which you can request as a custom order (matching bridal jewelry for that wedding wishbone? Why not?)

Here is how her wishbones came about and what they mean to her, in her own words:
"I've often struggled finding my place and my peace in this world. I've hung my wishbone in my bedroom so I see it every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep, and it reminds me of all I've accomplished and all that's waiting for me ahead."

I encourage you to contact the artisan above if you see an item you love, even if just to let them know how much you enjoy their work. Share your favorites in the comments section, and twitter, plurk, blog, etc. if you find something you like!

WishUponAWishbone's Lowest priced item is $12. The highest priced item is $18. (Custom jewelry starts at $3).

This elegant red, black, and white wishbone is one of my favorites:

What is YOUR favorite? :)