Monday, May 17, 2010

And the WINNER of the Favorite Poll is...

... Well, this month I'll skip the suspense and get right down to business. TOP FIVE by number of votes...
(just a little teensy bit of suspense :)

(5) DS TheWoodyNook - 5 votes
(5) URSAMAJOR - 5 votes
(4) flowerpotdesign - 6 votes
(3) spiral - 7 votes
(2) WishUponAWishbone - 10 votes
(2) DS ajoeynamedroo - 10 votes
(1) DS KraftyMax - 35 votes

The DS studios have been discovered and have had their first sale! Congratulations!

Check out the rest of the GORGEOUS studios that were favorites this month:

vbdesigns (Currently on vacation)

We have seen record support this month, with no less than EIGHT artists going above and beyond to help promote undiscovered studios. Heartfelt thanks KraftyMax, WishUponAWishbone, night_owl2704, Outta Sight, VABeachQuilter, AndreaDesigns, SotocapMania, and ExquisiteStudios! Five artists and awesome ArtFire have tweeted about the poll. Thank you @quirkydame, @kraftymax, @ajoeynamedroo, @myspiralntbk, @ArtFire, and @WallCakes! Many thanks to all the voters, visitors, thread bumpers, and all around awesome encouraging people who have participated in this undiscovered studio promotion!

With three first sales, this has been a success! This month is actually the first month when the top winner got their first sale before I could feature them! One of Krafty's regular customers from another site has bought FIVE items from her ArtFire store! AWESOME! Congratulations to all who have had their first sale this month and wishing everyone MANY sales!

Look forward to features on the undiscovered studios with 0 sales the morning of. Mini-features about other poll participants who are still undiscovered may also be posted this week ~ to replace the discovered studios.

The poll is over, but that doesn't mean you can't mention your favorites. That is what the comments are for :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Always a pleasure coming to your site...sooo much fun happening and lots to see...Great Shops to look at..

  2. Thank you so much for the very kind words and for your regular visits :) I very much enjoy having you over for a relaxing cup of tea :) <3