Monday, April 26, 2010


Right in time for Mother's Day! Find the coupons (up to 50% OFF) and use before anyone else to redeem.

There are four coupon codes hidden in four places in my shop. It will be very obvious what they are once you see them. The first people to find them can enjoy discounts of up to 50% if they are the first ones to redeem the code.

Choose wisely, you can only use ONE coupon, so if you found the easy $10_off_$50, will you risk having someone else using it while you are looking for the 50% off, or will you decide 20% is good enough? Hard choices. FUN game! :)

Here is what you are looking for:

If you find the Coupon Code containing the numbers -
10 - This code will take $10 off an order total of at least $50 (TWO available, easy to find)
25 - This code will take 25% off your order total, no minimum (TWO available, a little harder to find)
20 - This code will take $20 off an order total of at least $50 (ONE available, hard to find)
50 - This code will take 50% off your order total, no minimum (ONE available, you really have to dig for it)

There are 6 prizes total, 4 easier ones, and 2 harder ones. Each coupon also comes with a FREE GIFT to thank you for your hard work!

How to redeem:
No ArtFire nor PayPal accounts necessary to use the coupons, and no need to login anywhere. :)

To use the code:
1) Enjoy shopping at
2) Choose your pretties and click ADD TO CART,
3) When ready to checkout choose your Location (United States, Canada, etc.) in the upper right corner of the Shopping Cart, and click Checkout. 

The next page will have a Gift Certificate/Coupon Code right above the address. Enter the coupon code you have found and click APPLY COUPON. The Grand Total should have the amount/percentage deducted from it once the coupon has been applied.

Double check the coupon HAS been applied, as someone else may have found it and used it before you, in which case the coupon will not be available anymore.

Click SUBMIT ORDER after confirming the total amount is correct. Amazon, Google, and PayPal payment choices will be given (For Credit Card payments, choose PayPal without logging in to PayPal).

Please contact me if you run into any problems at all during the checkout process.

If needed, hints will be given Wednesday 9AM EDT. The Money Hunt will end Wednesday April 28th, NOON EDT. Will you be the ~LUCKY~ one? :)

Enjoy the Hunt and Good Luck!


Mon 9PM:
Well, so far we have 15 people hunting and only one who has found a coupon (the 20% one). I might have to give out hints earlier than Wednesday :) What do you think? :)

Tue 11AM:
I had some fun taking pictures of something pretty special. My FREE GIFTS box :D Well, there are too many things in there, and the picture would have been messy, so I picked the most colorful ones for a nice looking photo :) So here are two samplers, the first one is the handmade styles (stuff I make), the second one is the commercial styles (i.e. I bought them from a store, so not handmade, always sent with a handmade item though) :)

Tue 5PM:
Posting hints in the comments :) First hint word is composed of 4 letters.

Tue 9PM:
Well, 2 coupons have been found, but none has been redeemed yet :) Is everyone waiting to find the 50% OFF? :) "Find the pipes" was a big hint, you should be well on your way to finding the big one by now! Good luck!

Wed 1AM:
♥ Next hint will be posted at 9AM EDT/6AM PDT, and it's going to be HUUUGE! Better get your cart ready tonight because there's going to be a mad dash to the finish line LOL Final hint at 10AM, and then the game will end 12PM EDT. Any coupons unused by noon will be posted on my blog. Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow ♥

Wed 9AM:
HINT: Be sure to check ALL the pictures inside the listings. A listing could have anywhere between 1 and 10 photos attached to it. (Most have two.)
Next hint at 10AM EDT/7AM PDT.

Wed 10AM:
HINT: Enlarge the thumbnails so you can better see what you are looking for. Because it's NOT in main pics and cannot be seen when thumbnailed. :) Special extra hint available on twitter.

Wed 12PM: Game Over.

THANK YOU all for playing, it's been SUPER FUN! It was a game of patience and digging, and a lot of you have put extraordinary effort into it, especially with such a large amount of items to go through. As a thank you, all the hunters (that I know of) will get 5 extra entries in the May giveaway coming up soon. Email me to let me know you've participated in the egghunt. My stats say there were 48 hunters, so it will be exciting to find out who's been playing. :)

Getting ready to post the coupon codes now (I'll post the images, so it may take a few minutes for codes to appear). Code availability updates will be posted on twitter with the #hasbeenclaimed hashtag.

What you were searching for:

The 20% off ($10 off 50) has expired.
The 25% off has expired.
The 40% off ($20 off 50) has expired.
The 50% off has been claimed.

The codes' values were proportional to the difficulty of finding them :) They haven't been claimed yet as of now (1PM), so if you go to the top of this post and follow the steps AND your total order amount changes when you apply the code... it's yours :)

UPDATE: The 50% has been claimed. Remaining: the 40, 25, and 20%.
UPDATE 5/01/2010: All the unused coupons have expired. Keep an eye out for more games and giveaways :)

Thank you for playing! I've had a lot of FUN FUN FUN! Have you? :)

Hunters with 5 extra giveaway entries (the ones who fessed up): apronsbymeme, harlamy, NewGraphics4u, FantasyClay, AndreaTJewelry, bitspeaces,