Monday, April 19, 2010

Multitalented DesignWithHeart

04/19 Buy Handmade, Make Someone Happy
Special Feature

Please join me in congratulating the TOP WINNER of the Favorite Undiscovered Studios contest for the month of April. From digital art to drawings, from plush toys to polymer clay, from realistic styles to anime, she's done it all. She's also an accomplished cook (except for mac and cheese LOL) and loves gardening. And video games, a LOT of video games :)

Please meet... DesignWithHeart! :)

While her shop may look young, once you look deeper you start to understand the multi-faceted, multi-talented skills on display, and realize that the listed items are just examples of what she can do. It is really a custom order shop, look at it through the eyes of what you want and you'll realize she can do it for you ~ PERFECTLY. She will be more than happy to hear from you, listen to your ideas, and make a custom listing that will be the perfect gift you were looking for.

Let's start from the first item shall we? An awesome Sonic the Hedgehog stuffed echidna plush toy. You are not looking for an echidna? You are looking for a hard to find FF Cloud? Ah, but she can make that for you! And she's a perfectionist, so you know it will look exactly the way you want it.

Next up, an example of an Easter collage greeting card. Want a Haruhi Suzumiya greeting card instead? She can make it for you. World of Warcraft? No problem! :) And just under it you can also see an example of a hand drawn greeting card. The possibilities are endless!

Moving on to the polymer clays, there are dogs and Final Fantasy figurines. Aren't they CUTE?! These are just examples of what she can make. Are you looking for a Cloud figurine instead of the whole set? She does custom orders and would be thrilled to make one for you. As she says in her Bio, she can do all styles and types :)

She also enjoys photography (although only one print is up for sale so far). There are however multiple examples of prints from her original drawings and digital paintings, and she is quite the talented lady. I am looking forward to seeing more examples of her talent, it really looks like she could do anything you wanted!

And finally, if you wanted a friendship bracelet in any colors of your choice, she can make that as well! It comes with bells, so if your pet's vision is not as good anymore and you need an auditive marker for your location, these would be perfect for that.

And if you are looking for that perfect handmade gift, do contact her through the CONTACT ARTISAN link on the left hand side of her DesignWithHeart shop.

This is definitely an up and coming handmade shop to keep an eye on. With so many talents, who knows what she'll be listing next! :)


  1. A very Talented Artisan. She can do it ALL!!! Congrats "Design With Heart"

  2. YAY! Thank you so much for the very kind comments. She will be so excited to hear them <3