Monday, December 7, 2009

November Favorite Undiscovered Studios Poll Archive

This is an archive of the Undiscovered Studios Poll for the month of November 2009. Everybody was a winner! :)

Vote for your favorite undiscovered studios!


This is an opportunity to make next week's features less random, while at the same time being able to show your appreciation for the beauty to be found around ArtFire!

The list below was taken from this forum post (click), and was last updated December 1st.

If studios have their first sale during the poll, congratulations! You can still vote for them. The features are reserved for studios with zero sales on the morning of the feature :-) This is why you can vote for more than one studio. You can still show your appreciation for your favorite yet also help a studio without a sale.

Have fun, tell your friends, and let's see how this goes! :) Looking forward to the final results, the evening of December 6th!

Thank you for voting!


Undiscovered shops from the poll below

Vote for your favorite undiscovered studio. The top 5 favorites will be featured starting December 7th. Thank you! (List updated December 1st and not containing studios already featured.)

[POLL IMAGE available upon request]

Votes so far: 57
Poll closed

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