Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!

My studio will be on vacation from December 20th 2009 to January 7th 2010. Items can be purchased to reserve them as your own, but I will only be able to ship starting January 7th. For US customers that means the package will arrive around January 15th. So please do shop handmade and make someone happy... just be aware shipping will be delayed until the first week of January. Thank you for your continuous support!

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year Everybody!

Yay! Vacation! Yay! Vacation! Yay! Vacation!

Yup, quite happy about it as you can tell :)

The only sad part is that I won't get to be with all the cool ArtFire friends I've made over these past couple months. But! I will be back January 7th for a fun-filled 2010! :)

Check the forums for new undiscovered studios, as well as for maybe-daily features. Although I am sure you will have plenty on your hands with all the cooking, and eating, and partying going on!

So enjoy your celebrations and be safe!

My best wishes for a fabulous 2010!



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