Friday, November 27, 2009


Behold my awesome threadkilling powers! Just you wait, you'll see... I shall be DA KILLAH of this thread and many more MWAHAHAHA!

Kidding aside, that is one funny thread and I'm so grateful to nanations for starting it. If not only for the reassurance that I'm not the only one who feels threads stop after I post to them LOL

Lesley (aka Rhiannon) has generously built a list of wannabe threadkillers, and graciously included the real threadkiller (me!) on it. I thought that was a very sweet thing to do, so I'm going to copy her list here too:

* nanations - Handmade Native American inspired jewelry and crafts
* LicaLee - Handmade Recycled Jewelry and Art
* A Me Design - Handmade Purses, Cards, Ornaments, and More.
* ButtonWilloe - Babies, Baubles, and Blessings.
* SpiritDance - The Studio of Little Altars for Anywhere
* mv aka ThreadKiller - One-of-a-kind Jewelry Made with Love and Fun.
* KICKINSKREATIONS! Cool Candles Galore, at Kickin's Store.
* Timely Impressions - Tick Tock Clocks. Never be late again!
* Uga Buga Bowls - Mugs, Bowls, Goblets, Cups, Incense Burners!
* TheDiogenesClub - Wait and See!
* Hill Country Collection - Lace, Bibs, Magnets, Ornaments, Jewelry
* deStashNotTrash - Beads, Pendants, Findings, and More!
* Bead All About It - Gemstones, Beads, and Jewelry Galore.
* Designs by Patricia Hall - Natural Stone,Lampwork Glass and Shell Beaded Items.
* SotocapMania - Bottle Cap Art, Steampunk, Unique, and Whimsical
* Kibbles - Primitives, Quilts, Pillows, Papercrafts and 1/12 Dollhouse Miniatures
* Flame Fly Creations - Custom Design Pendants and Leather Goods.
* Creative Critters - Polymer Clay Scultures. Can you say wow?
* Scarlet-Impressions - Handmade Jewelry Crafted in the UK
* Retro Renegade Vintage - Authentic Vintage Clothing for Women and Men.
* Creativity Awakened - Beautiful Hand Painted Glass Items.
* Alisuns - Custom Crafted Jewelry
* MeMeBev Creations - Quality Handmade Stuffed Animals, Handbag Totes.
* Catfluff - Custom covers, Recycled Sweater Wine Bags and More.
* Suzanne Stevens Creates - One-of-a-kind Jewelry and Accessories.
* Yours Truli - Vintage Jewelry Creations.

Check these studios out, they are all awesome artisans!


  1. Thanks for the listing, but the death of the thread will be my doing!
    ~~ Hill

  2. You are welcome and thank you for your comment!

    So sweet of you to think you will be the one threadkillah. ;-)

    For all we know, the new forums will take over in the middle of the night when almost no one is around. And we all know WHO is the one not sleeping, hence getting the last post ;-) I shall add this thread to my portofolio LOL

  3. Thanks for including me on your list! I think the only threads I kill are the ones I start- LOL! That is a really fun thread though ;o)