Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chocolate on my mind...

ArtFire is such a great community! Professional, yet knowing how to have fun and be silly. There are always game posts going on, a lot of funny artisans, and plenty of interesting topics.

OneWord is one of my favorite threads. Often funny and witty, and always interesting to see what someone thinks of first. Some artisans see the noun, some see the verb, and some see an unexpected connection that will take you by surprise.

I love parsing and analyzing data, so it's only natural I'd ask myself what are the most popular words in the OneWord thread. What is on ArtFire's mind? So I've set out to gather all the one-words in the thread and reduce them to their root form to find the most thought of word. So what is it?


I love chocolate and so does ArtFire it seems. Chocolate appears 12 times in the thread, as of today. It was associated with the color brown, candy (thrice!), valentine, pleasure, cravings, deprived, morsels, calories, sweet, and dessert. What do people think of when they see chocolate? Kisses (twice!), drink, candy, bon bon, cake, caramel, perfection, calories, bunny, and sundae (twice!). Quite fascinating!

The next popular word is snow, mostly associated with white and cold. It appears 10 times, and most of them are recent. Are people getting a lot of snow this year?

What's next? Love, red, and water at 9 each. Hmm, I guess we need some water after all that chocolate.

Red (9) and green (8) are the most popular colors to think of by association. The third ranking color, at only 4 thoughts, is blue. So they may say that blue is the most popular color, but this society is built on red and green :)

I've had a lot of fun with this! Here is a list of words that appeared 6 times or more - a window into ArtFire's mind:

12 chocolate
10 snow
9 water
9 red
9 love
8 work
8 sleep
8 queen
8 horse
8 happy
8 halloween
8 green
8 family
7 music
7 movie
7 money
7 hot
7 home
7 dream
7 beach
6 you
6 warm
6 tree
6 pie
6 joy
6 house
6 football
6 fire
6 drink
6 cheese

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my little fun adventure into OneWord thoughts. Leave a comment with your thoughts, or email me. I'd like to know what's on YOUR mind.

Over and Out.


  1. I always pass on the one word, now I'm gonna have to start playing. And I LOVE Chocolate!!!!

  2. MV,
    I enyoyed your post.


  3. Looking forward to more players in the OneWord thread :) Mmmmm, more data... :D

    Thank you both for your kind comments!!

  4. I like posting on One word every so often. It was interesting to see the most popular words.

  5. Hi MV! Really got a kick out of this.
    :o) button

  6. Thank you all! Keep playing the OneWord game, I'll do another count later on to see how it evolves :)

  7. Thanks for putting together the data. It is fascinating really. I love playing that game. Sometimes I won't post, but just go in to read where people go with the thread and think of what I would have posted instead. See you there ! :)