Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The creepy human-sized rabbit thread

A short creepy bunny story.

It all started with a call for help from MountainMaggie. She had accidentally deleted her favorite hotlist item and was frantically trying to find it again:

[...] I accidentally deleted one of my hotlisted items and I haven't had any success relocating it. I'm hoping someone here might have come across it in their wanderings or in a category they are familiar with.

It's a Black and White print of someone in a rabbit suit walking up an interior flight of stairs. It was rather odd, but very intriguing.
I'm seriously obsessed with re-finding this print, so any help would be appreciated.

Fortunately, the print was located and MountainMaggie was very happy:

That's it!!! That's my weird bunny. I was so busy composing my sob story, I didn't know you had found it.
Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I'm re-hotlisting and bookmarking that critter.

How did you find it?

Now, I can resume obsessing about why I like it so much and wanting fiercely to buy it one day while being completely mortified with the thought the next.

Oh, my precious, precious human-sized bunny....

And this is where the story started unfolding... Now we were all wondering why that photo was so mesmerizing.

[...] it has a lot of story to it. Why is he dressed in a bunny suit? Why in a building that looks abandoned? His hand is on his knee... is he tired? Is he actually moving or resting? What does the graffiti say? Is that a can or a camera? ... ...

Oh, I hadn't even noticed the can, (camera?). That really amps the creepy/cool factor! That almost puts me over.
Where would I hang it and would anyone ever come to visit me again?

It's plenty creepy, but I can't look away![...]

[...] I'm trying to think of who I could get it for as a Christmas present, (to justify spending the $). It needs to be someone that would totally hate it, so that they would give it back to me as a birthday present, because I admired it sooo much every time I visited them and saw it on the wall, where they had quickly hung it up, when they heard I was coming to visit.

Then I could hang it in the room I secretly want for myself, but have to keep open for guests who usually stay too long!

Bad bunny thoughts, like that!

Sometimes it looks scary to me and I hope everyone upstairs has locked their doors. Other times it looks sad, like it just got off work after a long week of hiding eggs amongst dumpsters, bus benches and sign posts. Other times, I think it's the funniest Ithing that I've ever seen, for no reason whatsover.

Maybe he spray painted the door & then used the chair to hide the spray paint in the window sill and is slowly walking away from the scene chuckling to himself.....

OMG! I didn't even see the chair! This is getting more and more interesting!

::shiver:: The chair... The chair...... What if... the red paint is not paint, but... BLOOD! Creeeeeepy!

dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Then we all hid under a blanket and tried to sleep without having nightmares :)

If you'd like to make an artist happy and purchase this print, it is available here for $25. Check the rest of FrankenKitty's studio for other cool items.

What do YOU see in this print?


  1. That weird bunny sold because of that thread! Is that cool or what??

  2. That is so awesome! That print does have such an interesting and creepy look to it! And so many stories could be told around it :) The author mentioned it was taken in an abandoned mental health hospital, it sounds even creepier now. I... I... I think I can see ghosts!