Thursday, September 8, 2011

mv September Games and Giveaway - Summer Memories

This month's games have ended. Thank you all for your AWESOME participation and I hope to see you again October 1st! ♥Love♥Fun♥ :)

See below for Giveaway prizes and games, or just click this button to enter (1 entry, more entries below)

Giveaway drawing will be on Wednesday September 14th at 11:59 EDT.

This month's winner gets to choose from three fabulous prizes:
  • A beautiful set of notecards from my Zazzle Gift Shop
  • A gorgeous pair of handmade earrings from my ArtFire Shop
  • Or $10 CASH prize on a PayPal Gift Card.

    Each successful completion of one of the games below gets you one extra entry. How cool is THAT! You get to have fun AND increase your chances of winning :)

    So without any further ado, this month's games:

    ❁ Face in the Moon ❁
    Somewhere on Tatyanna's August blog, there's a photo of a face in the Moon. Tweet a direct link to that blog post with the word #mvlove for an extra entry in the giveaway.

    ❁ Find the Duck ❁
    A real duck has hidden somewhere in my shop. Find the duck, hit the TWEET button to the right of the pic, and add @mvbeads DUCK! to win an extra giveaway entry. Toy ducks don't count :)
    ~ Beware, this ain't no sitting duck! THIS duck likes to waddle around. It last changed location Tuesday 11PM, looking for sunshine. Find it again after it moves, and win again.

    ❁ Sweet Summer Memories ❁
    Share a sweet summer memory @mvbeads or in a comment below for an extra giveaway entry. Links to blogs or facebook posts count too as long as it describes a summer memory :) Extra bonus points if one of the items at reminds you of a sweet memory.

    You can also get extra entries by posting the following Games widget/gadget on one of your sites. One entry for each site.

    <!-- Begin FREE FUN Widget --><center><a href="" title="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" target="_blank" >mv Games<br /><img src="" alt="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" title="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" border="0" /></a></center><!-- End FREE FUN Widget -->


    Entries as of Wednesday 11:59PM:

    kraftymax - button
    kraftymax - duck
    kraftymax - summer
    BernoullisAttic - button
    apronsbymeme - summer
    apronsbymeme's shop - widget
    ~♥~ WINNER! ~♥~ apronsbymeme - button
    apronsbymeme - duck
    apronsbymeme - moon
    apronsbymeme - EZPZ RT
    barleecreations - EZPZ RT
    AlwaysJustBeth - EZPZ RT
    marialtri - EZPZ Lost Duckie RT

    Next update see you next month for the October games! :)
    (Twitter search broke during the summer, so do let me know if one of your entries is missing.)

    1. One of my best summer memories was sitting on the couch with my kids cuddling and watching movies. I just love the cuddle time! ~KM

    2. Ohhh, that sounds so nice! I LOVE cuddle time too ♡ Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful memory ♡

    3. I wish I had a summer memory that was worth writing about. Does thinking about it in my mind count? Walking on the beach!!

    4. I have your widget posted in my Artfire shop!

    5. I wish I had one worth talking about too! That's why I'm reading about other people's memories LOL I'm hoping I can live vicariously through others ::big grin::

      Thank you so much for coming back for the (small) September games and for posting the widget ♥