Thursday, September 1, 2011

mv September Games and Giveaways

Alright! Who broke the Internet while I was gone?! 'Fess up! LOL

This month's games are a little delayed and there's no contest, blame it on Twitter making too many changes over the summer, and another site who has changed all its links with some bogus error. Hopefully I can figure out what's going on for next month's games and we can go back to full blown contests and giveaways :)

So what fun shall we have this month? Anybody up for a "Find the duck game"? Ohhhhh, how about find the face in the Moon, or sharing your favorite summer memories?

This month's games will be a little different than the usual. We'll have TWO giveaways! How awesome is THAT!

To participate in the first giveaway, tell me about a game you'd like to play online on twitter/facebook/etc. Any games you've played before and enjoyed a lot? Any new ideas for games? Tweet me, facebook me, email me, or comment below... one entry per game, with a max of 5 entries :) This should be FUN!

Everyone submitting games will be entered to win a GORGEOUS pair of earrings made with Miracle beads and Swarovski, or an AWESOME bookmark! The drawing will be on Tuesday September 6th at 11:59 PM EDT so don't delay, come and play!

All game submissions that will be picked for the games leading to the second giveaway will get 10 BONUS entries in the second giveaway that will be on evening of Wednesday September 14th. The winner will get to choose either a $10 CASH prize or an equivalent handmade pretty or notecard set by yours truly. The second giveaway will start Thursday September 8th and all you'll have to do to enter is have FUN :)

Looking forward to your entries! Can't wait to see what your favorites are! :)

Off to fix the Internet now. Me thinks it needs mode love ♥

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