Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TheVoodooKitten B the AWESOME Pirate - ♡it?♡it! Contest Winner

Oh my, what FUN FUN FUN! This month's ♡it?♡it! Contest was extended until Monday night... and boy do people like to have fun on Mondays LOL. But I'll tell you all about it later, I want to hurry and show you all the beauties first.

This was the 4th installment of the monthly ♡it?♡it! (Like it? 'Like' it!) Contest which encourages everyone to share their latest creations and to click 'Like' on creations they like. It's a really FUN way of spreading the beauty of handmade while at the same time feasting one's eyes on the latest and greatest pretties from AMAZINGLY TALENTED artists.

The wall at mv's Fan Page was transformed into a GORGEOUS art gallery for the weekend, everyone got invited to share their latest creation, and we all got to vote on ALL the ones we liked (and I got to review each and every one of them, now THAT was AWESOME FUN! I shoulda been an art gallery guide LOL)

I'm going to start right away with the collage of entries to give you an idea of how much fun we've had! Just LOOK at all the handmade pretties... it was one of those weekends where I couldn't stop myself from refreshing and refreshing the page again and again, waiting with baited breath to see what GORGEOUS creation will appear next. So here's the eye candy we've all had the opportunity to enjoy this weekend:

Click to travel to last month's contest...


TWENTY FOUR AMAZING entries! This month we've broken the previous record of 23 submissions AND the record for the number of votes on a single entry: THIRTY! WOW! What can I say, that pirate IS adorable!

We've actually broken the previous vote record many times this month, many of the top entries have been very popular and it was a very tight race. The TOP THREE were really REALLY close!

☆➊☆ with 30 likes: B the AWESOME Pirate by TheVoodooKitten
☆➋☆ with 28 likes: Please Pass the GingerPeeps by PaintingByEileen
☆➌☆ with 26 likes: Fascinating Fascinator Princess by Cynthia Korman

You can check out all 24 GORGEOUS entries by clicking on the links below (don't worry, they will open in a new window, so you can easily come back to this page). You can still vote 'Like' and comment, it's never too late to let artists know how much you appreciate their creations :)

Each entry also has a link to the item/listing page, so if you see something you MUST have in the collage above... you know where to find it :) I've also posted my first impression under every entry link, so go ahead and have fun reading them ;)

So here are the 24 links to the entries that made it into the ♡it?♡it! Contest:

1st entry2nd entry3rd entry4th entry5th entry6th entry7th entry8th entry9th entry10th entry11th entry12th entry13th entry14th entry15th entry16th entry17th entry18th entry19th entry20th entry21st entry22nd entry23rd entry24th entry

YIPEE! That's a lot of ♡s, LOVE it!! :)

I think this month's contest's success was partly because we've extended it to Monday night. I was really tired on Sunday, and since Monday was a holiday, we've decided to close the contest Monday midnight instead of Sunday. And the flood gates of prettiness opened ;)

I will definitely try to squeeze in a Monday for future contests as well, I guess not everyone lives on their computer day and night and weekends like I do LOL So the next contest will tentatively be scheduled for May 7th to 9th, Saturday to Monday. I really hope to see you there!

And now let me tell you about the awesome pirate costume that won this month's ♡it?♡it! Contest. It's the cute little guy towards the upper right in the collage. The picture is kind of small, so here he is in all costumed glory. AAARRRRRRrrrrr matey! ♥

What an awesome costume AND can be made for a little boy or a girl. Fabrics are customizable too, how awesome is THAT! This is what handmade is about, high quality workmanship personalized to the wearer... just like it used to be many moons ago before the advent of cheap wear-once-and-throw-away low quality made in China... oh, don't get me started LOL This is one LOVELY costume any child would ADORE!

The materials used for the costume in the pic are quality cotton muslin for the shirt, imitation suede fabric lined with satin for the vest, cool cotton for the pants, and a sash made of a silky fabric that has a mottled real gold look sheen to it.


Ah yes, for those of you who've seen last month's blog post... Yup, that's the same little guy who's won last month's contest as well, you should click the collage above to go read some of his quotes, he's FUNNY! :) Do click and read more about the artist behind these awesome costumes and what she did for Mariah Carey.

You can find Deborah at:
  • http://facebook.com/CrankyCatStudio
  • http://VoodooKitten.com (Bonanza)
  • http://TheVoodooKitten.etsy.com
  • http://twitter.com/CrankyCatStudio

    BTW, here's a little bit of fun trivia before I go. You might have spotted a pattern of pink and grey creations in the collage above. You are not imagining things :) The Creations Color Challenge is ending April 21st, and this week's color combo is pink and grey. Isn't that FUN? :)

    Speaking of FUN, I hope to see you at the next ♡it?♡it! Contest, coming soon to a location near you: mv's fan page on your computer LOL The next one is tentatively scheduled for May 7th-9th :) See you there!

    Again, heartfelt thanks to all who've entered, voted, and enjoyed this contest. Thank you so much ♥

    1. Thanks MV for another fun time! Hope to remember to see you again next month!

    2. You are most welcome and thank YOU so much for delighting us again with your adorable gingerpeeps. I sure hope to see more of your beautiful creations, so just keep busy making pretty stuff and I'll take care of the "remember" part :) I know where to find you MWAHAHAHAHA :)