Saturday, April 16, 2011

KraftyMax Celtic SunCatcher - Matching Game WINNER

The Matching game was one of 5 AWESOME games during mv's April games. Players were invited to pick a favorite item of theirs, find a match in one of my shops that would wear or pair well with theirs, and post the match on Twitter. My favorite match would be featured on my blog... and HERE IT IS! :)

The winning match is KraftyMax's tweet matching her amazing beaded suncatcher and my beadaholic t-shirt :

Her tweet asked:
This is my work - do you think I fit into this category??

Well, that's a TOTAL match, she IS a beadaholic, and her SunCatcher is the best proof there is. I mean, look at it! Over 100 hours of work went into it, and over 11,000 beads. ELEVEN THOUSAND TINY BEADS! Can you believe this lady's PATIENCE and PASSION for beadweaving?

No wonder her suncatcher was accepted in three competitions. Her beading skills are AMAZING. Check out her shop and gallery for even more of her beautiful handmade beaded creations.

It's probably hard to appreciate all the work and detail that go into one of Max's masterpieces... until you have the wonderful opportunity to TOUCH one of her creations. You wouldn't believe how tiny these beads are. She uses size 11 Delica beads, which means you can fit 121 of these beads in a square inch! That's TINY! And she weaves them one by one, thousands upon thousands of them.

How would I know? Well... I happen to have one of her GORGEOUS creations right here in front of me. Almost 3,500 tiny beads wrapped around my wrist. This was a surprise bracelet Max made for me and let me tell you, THIS is a work of LOVE ♥

Wanna see it? :)

It's made from tiny tiny black, purple, and green (my colors!) Delica seed beads, with a gorgeous fringe made with matching crystals. The clasp is so beautiful too! Gorgeous scrollwork antique gold with a magnetic closure, AND a tiny chain so it stays safe around your wrist in case you bump into something and it comes loose.

The beadweaving is so flexible and smooth it's amazing. And the detailed design... well, suffice to say KrafyMax can make ANYTHING from beads. Give her a photo of your kid and she'd make a bracelet in likeness! She can PAINT with beads.

And now that I'm done with the 1,000 words, here is the photo worth more than 1,000 words :)

From AMAZING suncatchers to GORGEOUS bracelets, KraftyMax is AWESOME♥ Check her out! :)

You can find her at:

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the winning product match and I'll see you May 1st for the next FUN filled games! :)


  1. MV, you bless me by your friendship and your kind words! Thank you. You are an inspiration to us all! ~KM

  2. You are most welcome! I am more than honored to be a friend to such a TALENTED soul. YOU inspire me, and everyone of your friends with your amazing creativity, patience, and kindness ♥ We are all lucky to have you in our lives, so keep being YOU, WONDERFUL You! ♥ :) ::mwah::

  3. Two Amazing, talented, and creative Women, whom I am honored to have in my Life!!!!