Monday, March 28, 2011

TheVoodooKitten Cool Flaming Pants - ♡it?♡it! Contest Winner

Despite FaceBook breaking so much more than usual after the "upgrade", we've still managed to have plenty of FUN in this month's ♡it?♡it! Contest. As always, we've feasted our eyes on some gorgeous gorgeous creations. Thank you for sharing, voting, or just visiting! YOU ROCK!

As usual, this was a quick and easy weekend contest, running on mv's Fan Page from 3/25/2011 to 3/27/2011, well, a little later in the month than usual :) All my lovely talented fans were invited to share their latest creation, and we all got to vote on ALL the ones we liked. "Like it?? Like it!!" :) CLICK that 'Like' button when you like something ;)

Before I tell you all about the COOL flaming pants, a little bit about this month's contest.

So while we've had less than half the normal number of entries, they've all made up in cuteness and beauty. AND this month we've had a record 19 votes for the winning entry!

We've had 10 GORGEOUS submissions and one more after the contest's end, you can see them all in the collage below. What TALENT! They all have MY vote :) You can find a list of links to each entry below the collage, although the photos are a little out of order...

You can check out all the entries by clicking on the links below (don't worry, they will open in a new window, so you can easily come back to this page). You can still vote 'Like' and comment, it's never too late to let artists know how much you appreciate their creations :)

Each entry also has a link to the item/listing page, so if you see something you MUST have in the collage above... you know where to find it :) I've also posted my first impression under every entry link, so go ahead and have fun reading them ;)

So here are the 10 links to the entries that made it into the ♡it?♡it! Contest:

1st entry2nd entry3rd entry4th entry5th entry6th entry7th entry8th entry9th entry10th entry

The TOP Winners are:

☆ 1st place: COOL Flaming Pants by TheVoodooKitten
☆ 2nd place: Amazing Diaper Cake by Quixotic Masks
☆ 3rd place: tie between Sinuous Copper Simplicity by BohemianIce and Awe-inspiring Super Moon by InletImages

And now... ::DRUMROLL::

Please allow me to introduce THE! COOL! FLAMING! PANTS!

Tee hee hee, ok, maybe a little too much enthusiasm here, but see that cutie patootie with the POPPING pants? (notice 2 Ps, not 2 Os LOL) Aren't they AWESOME? And they are made out of BANDANAS and grow with your child! Now how cool is THAT :)

So who's this talented artist who's come up with such magnificent summer pants? No other than our lovely Deborah! And who's that cutie patootie? Her ADORABLE son (who BTW comes up with the most hilarious quotes).

Deborah is our resident newbie helper, kindness provider, and just plain AWESOME. She is a mom, therefore she is a superhero :) How else could she manage to work a full time job, two shops, giveaways, social media, AND be an awesome mom? Calling on Mom SuperPowers!

She specializes in taking boring OUT of baby fashion with colorful outfits. And by colorful, she MEANS colorful, not pastels that only have a hint of color.

She is proudly making products that are designed to last forever, with REAL hems. Keep an eye on her shop for, in her own words, "Bibs, Burp Cloths, Blankets, Hooded Towels, Diaper Bags, Eco Shopping Bags, Hair accessories, Hats, Overall tutus, and whatever else I get an itch to make."

I sure hope she gets that itch to make stuff very often. I LOVE her stuff! And I'm not the only one. Did you know she was included in Mariah Carey's Baby gift basket through Hollywood baskets?!

She also ships worldwide, so if your summers get hot, you really want to check out those cool flaming bandana pants :)

You can find Deborah at:
  • (Bonanza)

    And I really couldn't finish writing about the cool flaming pants without mentioning a few quotes from the model himself LOL He's 3 :)

    You should check Deborah's Fan page often for new quotes, here are just a few:

  • "I forgot how to drive."
  • "I was a baby, but then I turned back to normal."
  • "Mom's almost ready. She's gotta get more dressed."
  • "Is your name Mom or Debbie?"
  • "My brain is out of power."
  • "Help me! I'm falling up!"
  • "If you ride a roller coaster you have to keep your mouth shut so your teeth don't blow out."
  • "It's dark! I can't see my eyes!"
  • "Mmmmm I smell it! It went up my nose so I could smell it."
  • "Noooooooo!! I don't like bread! I like toast."

    LOL LOL I can't stop! They are so hilarious! Seriously, head over to her page and check them out :)

    I hope to see you at the next ♡it?♡it! Contest, coming soon to a location near you: mv's fan page on your computer LOL If you'd like to participate and have a date preference, comment below with your preferred weekend in April and I will try to do it when most people are available. I am tentatively scheduling it for April 16th-17th for now :)

    Again, heartfelt thanks to all who've enjoyed this contest. You've made it so FUN! Thank you so much ♥
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    1. How cool! Even the hot pants are cool! Thank you mv for featuring my links to BohemianIce etsy!
      Great blog :)