Friday, July 2, 2010

KNNDesignStudio - Custom designs with a big heart

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Better late than never they say. So here I am, pretty late in posting the April giveaway results. There were 146 entries and sweet Kristin from KNNDesignStudio was picked by The prize for the April giveaway was to be a surprise. She won a gorgeous necklace and earrings set in Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals, as well as a pretty cosmetic bag and a textured photo album.

So let me tell you about Kristin.

She is the sweetest and most enthusiastic gal you'll ever meet, and she is talented to boot. Have a look at her photos and you'll see what I mean. They speak a thousand words of her eye for beauty and harmony.

My favorite photo of her has got to be the fireman one! Great composition, a stirring moment captured for eternity, speaking a thousand words of dedication and service, a thousand words of gratitude and admiration...

In addition to her beautiful photography, she specializes in graphic design such as logos, banners, and business cards. She is all about excellent customer service and to that end she offers unlimited revisions on all her designs, ensuring 100% satisfaction for her customers. You should definitely check her out next time you need business cards or a design that fully meets your expectations :)

When she takes a break, she gives her heart to beautiful causes. In her own words, the story of Jiao:
"The other day I walked into PetCo to get some new toys for my puppy, little did I know it would change my life. The Mutts N Stuff Small Dog Rescue Shelter was there with some of the puppies. I hung out for a few hours and played with the puppies and talked to the others around me. I fell in love with a German Shepard puppy, He was less then a year old. His name was Jiao.

Poor Jiao was hit by a car and his back legs were mangled and backwards and had to be amputated. Mutts n Stuff paid for the amputations [...] He is a year old sweety who has no idea that he is a little different. He fetches balls, he chews on his toys, he is affectionate and protective and he is extremely handsome. He loves playing with other dogs too.

Eddies Wheels is donating a cart for Jiao so he can go on walks with his family. He is great in the car and has already gone to work with his foster mom where he behaved himself quite well! Jiao is only about 17 pounds. He is a very lovable guy who really cares about you.

So after much tear shed I had to leave, but not without the shelter information. Now in my etsy and on my facebook I am taking donations for Jiao and his friends to all have good homes! 10% of everything I make on Etsy goes to the shelter and any donation is sent straight to them.  Don't Breed or Buy While Shelter Dogs Die!"
Shelter info:

What a touching story! And what a big heart. That is how Kristin is. Chat with her and you'll find more about how kind and supportive she is, how enthusiastic she is about causes dear to her heart, how WONDERFUL she is.

You can find her at...

Before I go, one last photo... a toothy smile :D

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