Monday, July 5, 2010

CRyansJewelryArt - A meeting of jewelry and art - Unique glass pendants

07/05 Buy Handmade, Make Someone Happy
Special Feature

Please join me in congratulating the TOP WINNER of the Favorite Undiscovered Studios contest for the month of June. He has tried many art forms before settling on his current one. Singing, dancing... but his mind, heart, and hands have settled on fused glass and polymer clay.

Please meet... CRyansJewelryArt! :) Read his Bio page for an entertaining insight into how he's come to discover this was the art form for him.

His pendants are truly one of a kind, blending brilliant colors and colorful backgrounds. The jewelry plates are especially appealing as you will not see such beauty anywhere else. Check out the beautiful colors used to create the plate on the right. Great conversation starter!

And if you are looking for a gift for a loved one whose name starts with D, how about this gorgeous D pendant in colors of blue and white with a "mustard stain" connecting the dots :)

All these creations are great conversation starters through their unusual and artistic shapes and colors. A gift that is sure to be appreciated by all who appreciate color and art.

I encourage you to contact the artisan above if you see an item you love, even if just to let him know how much you enjoy his work. Share your favorites in the comments section below, and twitter, plurk, blog, etc. if you find something you like!

CRyansJewelryArt's studio sections are:
Pendants Glass - Absolute Other Shape
Pendants Glass - Somewhat Square
Pendants Glass - Somewhat Rectangle
Pendants Glass - Somewhat Bottle Shape
Fused Glass Jewelry Plates
Polymer Clay Pendants Donut Shape
Polymer Clay Pendants Purse Shape
Polymer Clay Pendants Teardrop Shape
Gift Certificates

CRyansJewelryArt's Lowest priced item is $15. The highest priced item is $50, something for everyone.

Have fun visiting his shop and do tell us your favorite item from this shop :)

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