Thursday, July 1, 2010


July Giveaway: a $15 gift certificate. :) Congratulations Beverly H. ♥

mvPOINTS will be awarded to game winners, each game having a certain value announced in its tweet or description.

mvpoints can be redeemed at any time by sending a tweet to @mvbeads with the hashtag word #mvREDEEM and your choice of prize. July mvpoints and coupons expire 07/31.

I will reply through a Direct Message with the code corresponding to your prize, and deduct it from your available mvpoints. Heads-up that Direct Messages can only be sent to followers, and that I may answer instantly, or it may take a little longer, depending on my work schedule.

============ SCOREBOARD ============
totalSCORES - POINTSavailable - @player
127 - 0 - @apronsbymeme
20 - 0 - @ByYourSide2009
5 - 0 - @hummingbirdtak
5 - 0 - @Jasmina100
20 - 0 - @jewelzodonnell
97 - 0 - @KNNGraphics
30 - 0 - @kraftymax
20 - 0 - @MJsKraze
1 - 0 - @mvbeads
5 - 0 - @pamannieink
10 - 0 - @pinkstudiosnet
5 - 0 - @TheSpottedOlive

Do let me know if you are a player and I've missed you.
(Scoreboard last updated Sun 9 PM)

PRIZES while supplies last.
First come, first served.

All COUPONS will EXPIRE at the end of the month. Coupons cannot be combined (one coupon per order). Coupons are transferrable. All prizes come with FREE shipping to the US.

1 .............. One cool dot on the dotties page (19 max)
20 ............ COUPON: get this magnet for 25 cents.
40 ............ COUPON: $1 OFF any order above $10.
60 ............ COUPON: $2 OFF any order above $10.
80 ............ COUPON: 20% OFF any order.
100 .......... COUPON: 25% OFF any order.
~Max mvPOINTS: 190

1st place ........ Aprons by MeMe
2nd place ....... KNN Photography
3rd place ........ COUPON: Any pair of earrings for $2.00.
Top winners can also exchange their prize for an SEO makeover on one of their products/web page.

Good luck ♥

All day long games:
4 mvpoints for each LEET item you can find at Tweet items @mvbeads.

5 mvpoints: Tweet @mvbeads your favorite shop from this undiscovered shops list. 5 points per tweet, maximum 5 tweets (max mvpoints for this game: 25).

5 mvpoints: Tweet @mvbeads your favorite shop from this supporters list. 5 points per tweet (max mvpoints for this game: 30).

5 mvpoints: Tweet @mvbeads a link to your favorite mv creation. 5 points per tweet, maximum 5 tweets (max mvpoints for this game: 25).

10 mvpoints: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? :D Answer can be found at Click the CONTACT ARTISAN link on the page with your answer and send me the item number.

5 mvpoints for promoting this blog entry/giveaway :) (let me know so I can add them to the scoreboard).

More games on twitter @mvbeads.

Let me know if you wish to be entered in this month's giveaway (either by commenting below, emailing me, or clicking the Like button for the giveaway FB post). A lucky player will be selected by and will win a $15 gift certificate to be used at The winner will be announced on this blog after the drawing. The drawing will be on Sunday July 11th at 9PM EST.
Kristin N.
Kris W.
Pamela D.
Danielle E.
Sally H.
Kristin S. H.
AnnMarie D.
Kim B.
Patricia E.
Chhunhour Y.
Beverly H.
Monica D. N.


  1. OK Mv, Spent all afternoon trying to figure out those LEET items. ARGGGGG!!!

  2. ^^ You can get it Kris.. it isn't as hard as you think.. just look closely ;)

  3. I posted your giveaway on my fan page ^^

  4. Yay! Kristin is here :) Got up to 87 in no time I see :) I'll tweet a few more games tomorrow <3 Thank you so much for playing and for entering the giveaway!

  5. I have looked closely rofl I am just Blind. I need helppppppppp!!

  6. What's a leet anyway??? I'm trying to understand and get into the games! Looks like fun!

  7. Thank you so much! ♥ LEET is part of the game, once you figure leet out, it should be easy to find them :)