Friday, January 22, 2010

The story of Paul Pole

Paul Pole was a poll. (Try saying that 10 times fast!)
Paul Pole was alone.
Lonely heart in snowy land,
Waiting for a role.

For you see, Paul Pole
Had a lot of talent,
Excellent actor he was
Yet he got no call.

He checked his phone one day:
"Still got a dial tone..."
But the only calls he got
Were from Fannie Mae.

Then... one day...
A knock on the door!
A bit of sunshine
Floating on a dust ray.

"Who could it be", he asked.
"I know no one."
He opened the door
And there it was.

A bouquet of flowers.
A message!
"I've seen your play,
T'was lovely. - a neighbor"

"Oh my!" he thought,
"Must've been at the park...
But when?
I thought I was alone..."

He went again to the park
No one was there
Yet he performed his best
Knowing someone would see... some day.

The days went by.
He oiled the hinges.
For his door
Had to be used much more

More flowers.
And then one day,
A little boy.

"Hi there" he said
My friends saw you at the park
I want to be like you,
When I grow up."

He cried.
He was so happy!
Paul Pole, the poll,
alone was no more.

His talent had been seen!
The town was abuzz!
"We should invite Paul Pole,
to play the first scene!"

Paul Pole, the poll,
Standing ovation!
Happy soul!

Paul Pole became very famous,
His shows were oversold,
Yet every day he'd still
Go to the park and play.

For had it not been for new friends,
His neighbors, and the kids,
Paul Pole, the poll,
Would still be all alone.

Have you met Paul Pole?
Yes, the poll Paul Pole.
Ah, I see.. You have!
Thank you friend!
You are very cool :)


  1. Thank you so much!

    It's a metaphor on how we struggle to be discovered by our customers when we start out :) And how we try our best despite becoming more and more discouraged every day. But that can hopefully change when someone stumbles upon our talent! :) And that's what the poll at the bottom of this page is about :)

    I've tried my best to write a story from my heart. I am so glad someone liked it! :) Thank you! <3

  2. very nice story, mv....enjoyed reading it!

  3. Thank you my dear friend! :) I am so happy to hear people have read it and their hearts have been touched by it! Thank you for always being so kind and caring Soto <3

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