Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Winners - Amazing Undiscovered Studios

Just like last month, this has been a lot of fun. My thanks go to the wonderful friends who have visited, voted, and promoted this month's group of yet-to-be-discovered studios.

Everyone has mentioned how hard it was to pick a favorite, how all the studios were splendid. In fact, it does look like the average of studios favorited per vote was three, so yes, it was hard to choose!

I have also noticed that all studios have had votes, as well as visits. You are all WINNERS! Congratulations! :)

With 53 total voters at the end of the poll, that means at least 53 people have visited these studios. Why at least? Because I am certain there were some who've visited but have chosen not to vote, so there were probably more visitors than voters.

In terms of sales, last month, we had 4 studios getting their first sale during the poll and it was awesome! While I'm a little sad that only one studio has made their first sale during this month's poll, I hope people have bookmarked their favorites and will come back whenever they need something for themselves, or a gift for someone they love.

As promised last month, this month's timelapse starts at zero. You can see the poll from its birth and through its growth. I really think it looks super cool! I like seeing the variety in people's choices because it shows there really ARE customers out there for each of us :) We just need to help the right customers find us.

Every person has their own preference, de gustibus non disputandum est and all that. So it's nice to see this visually. As an artisan, I am encouraged by the thought that even though I sometimes doubt myself, there will always be someone out there who will adore what I am doing. That is my motivation for the hard work that is needed in order to promote.

I used to be afraid of twitter, facebook, blogging, all that social networking stuff that seemed to display people's private lives in the town square for all to see. I used to think "I don't have time for all that useless stuff." I still am overwhelmed by all the new things that I need to get used to, by the dizzying pace at which things are moving. Yet everyday I try to set aside a few minutes to learn something new, to learn how to use new promoting venues... because there ARE customers out there with similar tastes to mine and who will appreciate my work.

To all the undiscovered studios reading this, you should always, ALWAYS trust your talent! You created something because you liked the idea, you made it because it was something you wanted to make. And while we are all unique humans, the uniqueness is built on the similarities we have. You are unique because of the combination of myriad of little things that are you, but if you picked one little thing only ~ like say your favorite color ~ there are other people out there who are sharing it with you. Promotion will help those people find you.

So keep promoting, and if you haven't started yet, come to this ArtFire thread for guidance and support. Our doors are always open :)

So without any further ado, here are this month's winners:


Please visit them, there is something for everyone in those studios.

Now, for the final tally for the TOP 5 by number of votes...


WhisperingWoods - 10 (18%)
MADART - 11 (20%)
toys2treasures - 11 (20%)
judemcconkey - 13 (24%)
CarriedAwayBeadweaving - 14 (26%)
After.Six - 15 (28%)

Once you are done visiting all these wonderful studios, make sure you check ~~~After.Six's~~~ studio again. Browse through and let your eyes delight in the beauty of her jewelry.

Here is one of my favorites from her shop. Isn't it STUNNING? Click on image to see more...

The poll is over, but that doesn't mean you can't mention your favorites. That is what the comments are for :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. This is a very nice thing you are doing. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words! I'm having a blast! It's fun, so it doesn't feel like work at all to me LOL

  3. beautiful ring from after.six...great job, mv!

  4. Thank you! She has so much amazing stuff in her studio. I know how time consuming wire wrapping is, and hers is top notch! So perfect. Let's hope some celebrity sees it and loves it ;)

  5. I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing and I enjoyed checking out all the studios. Just a side note - judemcconkey's link takes me to toys2treasures studio(in the winner section), might just be my browswer but I thought you should know.

  6. Thank you for checking them out!

    What shall we call a huge typo what changes a whole word? Let's call it lack of sleep :) Thank you so much for catching that! It should work much better now! :)

  7. mv - I am severely visually impaired mind you, but I love the large print and white background. Your purple/green/black heart looks great longer reminds me of a dating service. Finally, your blog is awesome. Thanks for all you do - London & Dolly xoxoxo

  8. Thank you so much for visiting London and Dolly! YAY! I am so glad to hear the buttons are working well! Thank you so much for the feedback and the kind words!

    I still remember when you first told me the email-me heart in my shop reminded you of a dating service LOL I hadn't seen it in that light until then, and you were SO right! I still have that "sultry" heart in my shop though, although I might remove it soon, now that AF has introduced the no-account contact button. I still like its soft look though :)