Monday, October 10, 2011

mv October Games and Giveaway - Tatyanna

Well, ever since Artfire has gone commercial, I can't login to my little handmade shop anymore so I couldn't get the handmade contest ready. I guess it's for the better, since I already have a lot on my plate nowadays, but I sure do hope they fix it soon.

So since I can't do anything if I can't access my shop, I will dedicate the entirety of October's games to Tatyanna and her amazing family.

Click this button to enter the Giveaway or scroll below for more entries. The more entries, the more chances to win!

This month's giveaway prize is $15 you can spend any way you want. You could choose to have them as a Starbucks Card, a custom jewelry piece made by yours truly, pretty cards from pretty photos I've taken, or even donate them to Tatyanna's cause... The winner gets to chose anything their heart wishes for :)

The drawing will be on the 18th at 11:59PM EST and the winner will be announced here the next day. Wishing you all good luck, and most importantly FUN! :)

BONUS Giveaway Entries:

One extra entry per day for tweeting your favorite blog post @mvbeads

One extra entry for each correct answer (tweet with the hashtag #Tatyannashope, or comment below):
~ 1 ~ Who did she meet in this blog post?
~ 2 ~ What project did her sister pick?
~ 3 ~ Suitcases... they are like what?
~ 4 ~ How is milk packaged in this blog post?
~ 5 ~ What was Tatyanna's wish?
~ 6 ~ What color did they choose?
~ 7 ~ What did most drawings have in common?
~ 8 ~ What did Tatyanna use to say when offering coffee?
~ 9 ~ What did Tatyanna do to the TV?
~ 10 ~ Tatyanna made great progress during the treatment. What did she manage to do?

Extra entries for creatively spreading the word about Batten and about Tatyanna's fight and hope. The cure has not been discovered yet, but it is out there, somewhere. We just need to find it.

The more people know, the faster we will find it ♥ Thank you ♥

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