Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mv June Games and Contest - OUTDOORS

This month's games have ended. Since most of you are enjoying the nice weather during the summer, the games will come back when most people get back online. See you all September 1st for the next games and awesome prizes. Thank You ALL for being such AMAZING players, it's been a BLAST! You are ALL ☆☆☆☆☆ LOVE YA!

Let's have FUN FUN FUN! :) There's the usual TOP PLAYER contest, so enjoy playing to the max for cool prizes! Since many players will be enjoying the great outdoors instead of being on the computer this month, there is no Games giveaway, but we do have a Batten Disease Awareness Giveaway going on :) FUN prizes!

The games are week-long and end June 8th 2011 at 11:59 PM EST.

See below for prizes, scores, and rules, or just click this button to win 5 mvpoints (5 mvpoints)
Click the extra points links for easy peasy 50 points :)

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Prizes ~ As many prizes as players :)
Games ~ 3 AWESOME games
Contests ~ TOP players & FAV match
Rules ~ How to participate & italic print
Scores ~ The list of AWESOME tweeps and peeps :)

● The PRIZES ●
    1st place ........ Surprise Gift ($30 or more)
    2nd place ....... Surprise Gift ($20 or more)
    3rd place ........ Surprise Gift ($10 or more)

    200 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $5
    160 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $3
    120 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $2
    80 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $1
    60 ............ Your link on the BONUS List
    20 ............ COUPON: FREE mv magnet & 10% OFF one item
    1 .............. One cool SEO dot on the dotties page (19 max) :)
    ~MAX mvPOINTS: 600 (three $5 gift certificates if playing to the max :)

    ❁ May GAMES ❁

    ❁ Find the Duck GAME:
    A real duck has hidden somewhere in my shop. Find the duck, hit the TWEET button on that page, and add @mvbeads DUCK! to win 5 mvpoints. Toy ducks don't count :)
    ~ Beware, this ain't no sitting duck! THIS duck likes to waddle around. It last changed location Tuesday 5PM, looking for passion. Find it again after it moves, and win again.

    ❁ Positive GAME:
    Tweet @mvbeads a positive thought every day for 5 mvpoints each. I am looking forward to reading your tweets ♥

    ❁ Matching GAME:
    Pick a favorite creation of yours, find an item from mv's ArtFire shop or gift shop that would wear/pair nicely with your creation, and put both links in a tweet to @mvbeads for 5 mvpoints. One match per day.
    ~Particularly creative matches that make one click or tell a story will win 10 mvpoints and my favorite match will be featured on my blog. So go ahead and have FUN, your apron with an mv necklace, your earrings with an mv card, your handmade gift for mom with mv's Kakuro/Sudoku Poster... Looking forward to seeing your creative matches! :)

    10 mvpoint matches so far:

    ♥ How to participate ♥
  • Play any of the games above: 5-10 mvpoints each
  • Promote the games: 5 mvpoints each
  • Retweet any of today's @mvbeads tweets: 1 mvpoint each
  • Add #mvlove to a funny tweet: Priceless :)
  • Anything with #mvlove will get my attention, so be creative :)
  • ♥♥♥ Spread the word and help Tatyanna. ♥♥♥ Thank you so much!

  • Promote the games and add @mv or let me know: 5 mvpoints each

  • Purchase any product from 40 mvpoints per item
    ~ (Mention Tatyanna in Note to Seller and 50% of proceeds will be donated to her Hope Fund.)
  • Activate the mvgames widget: 10 mvpoints

    Blogs and other venues:
  • Follow this blog and comment below: 10 mvpoints (ok if already a follower as well)
  • Add the mvgames widget: 10 mvpoints
  • Tell me your favorite item from my zazzle store, maximum one link per day :) 5 mvpoints
    ~ (100% of my Royalties from "Get Well Wishes" Senbazuru products will be donated to Tatyanna's Hope Fund.)

    BONUS contest points:
    The links below will tweet about players with 60+ points during May or June's games. Click to tweet and win extra points in this month's contest. Easy Peasy! Each tweet will count as 5 extra points. Maximum 1 click per link per day for 50 easy extra points every day.

  • I can't believe it's soap! Check out the AMAZING details!
  • You ain't seen cute 'till you've seen CUTE as a buttonwilloe!
  • Dishtron - the OTHER Tron. Can you guess what it is? :)
  • Don't worry be Happie :) Peace out man, check out this gal ☮
  • Crochet - creative knot tying turned to art!
  • It's owl in the personality. Art with spirit & heart ♡
  • This is what passion looks like. Weaving 11k+ beads one by one!
  • Oh my! How CUTE! Tags made to look just like your furbaby!
  • Wanna see what was in Mariah Carey's baby gift basket?
  • Help Tatyanna win more time against Batten Disease

    Games widget/gadget (10 mvpoints)

    <!-- Begin FREE FUN Widget --><center><a href="" title="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" target="_blank" >mv Games<br /><img src="" alt="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" title="mv FUN Games Giveaways Contests and Coupons" border="0" /></a></center><!-- End FREE FUN Widget -->

    PRIZES while supplies last. First come, first served. Ties broken in order of comments on this post. 600 mvpoints max. Coupons and gift certificates cannot be combined (one coupon/gift certificate per order). Coupons and gift certificates are transferrable. All prizes come with FREE shipping to the US. mvPOINTS can be redeemed at any time by sending a tweet to @mvbeads with the hashtag word #mvredeem and your choice of prize. I will reply either through Direct Message or email within 24 hours and send the code corresponding to your prize. The points will be deducted from your available mvpoints as soon as your code goes live. June coupons/gift certificates expire June 30th.

    ============ SCOREBOARD ============
    totalSCORES - POINTSavailable - @player
    243 - 243 - @apronsbymeme TS
    625 - 600 - @barleecreations TS
    2 - 2 - @BattenDiseaseUK TS♡
    303 - 303 - @BernoullisAttic TS
    1 - 1 - @Catherin03
    186 - 186 - @CrankyCatStudio TS
    3 - 3 - @Demure4you TS
    2 - 2 - @DesignsbyAudrey TS
    2 - 2 - @djrunnelsdotcom
    1 - 1 - @DOROTHYBENCE
    1 - 1 - @eleccionlibre
    1 - 1 - @FadedLeaves TS
    1 - 1 - @ForgetMeNotSoap TS
    1 - 1 - @freetweetdaily
    1 - 1 - @happiehippiechk TS
    1 - 1 - @hotglassbabe TS
    5 - 5 - @IwanaBeloved
    79 - 79 - @kraftymax TS
    1 - 1 - @JuliaPeculiart TS
    1 - 1 - @lennwinn
    2 - 2 - @LifeExpedition
    1 - 1 - @lukehebe TS
    5 - 5 - @MaggiesDesigns TS
    1 - 1 - @monikadesign
    1 - 1 - @PaintingByElfie
    2 - 2 - @pur3h3art TS
    1 - 1 - @rajankoshy TS
    5 - 5 - @RonaHorn
    1 - 1 - @sandyunderwood
    11 - 11 - @SilverSkyDesign
    1 - 1 - @sisterjewelry TS
    1 - 1 - @sleem1948 TS♡
    #ff - #ff - @tatyannashope TS♡
    9 - 9 - @ThruSarasEyes TS
    1 - 1 - @treedancer56
    1 - 1 - @UrbanDivaStyle TS
    1 - 1 - @WebSelling4U
    1 - 1 - @WoodArtsUniv
    1 - 1 - @youtubebeauties
    1 - 1 - BohemianIce & AliveWithColor Art, Photography and Jewelry Studio
    1 - 1 - Kimberly Lynn Designs

    Last updated 11:59 PM. Next scheduled update: See you in September!
    Do let me know if you are a player and I've missed you.
    Click the Follow buttons on the follow-fun-fellow-players list to easily follow 5+ pts awesome players. They RT & they are interactive! :)
    | (TS) Tatyanna Supporter | (♡) No contest entry |

    Let's have FUN FUN FUN indoors or outdoors :) Go ahead, have a blast, and enjoy the games! :)



    ➊ @barleecreations (600) ....... Surprise Gift ($30 or more)
    ➋ @BernoullisAttic (303) ........ Surprise Gift ($20 or more)
    ➌ @apronsbymeme (243) ....... Surprise Gift ($10 or more)

    Please send me an email if I don't already have your address. Do let me know if you have any preferences for your surprise gift :)

    ☆☆ Gift Certificate PRIZES:
    Everyone with 80+ available points, please contact me for your Gift Certificate and Coupon codes :)

    200 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $5
    160 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $3
    120 .......... GIFT CERTIFICATE: $2
    80 ............ GIFT CERTIFICATE: $1

    243 - @apronsbymeme TS
    600 - @barleecreations TS
    303 - @BernoullisAttic TS
    186 - @CrankyCatStudio TS

    ☆☆ Magnet and 10% COUPON PRIZES:
    Everyone with over 20 available points, please contact me for your Coupon codes :)

    79 - @kraftymax TS

    ☆☆ Cool SEO dots:
    Anyone on the players list can save up to 19 mvpoints a month and accumulate them over the year to use for future prizes. Just let me know and I will add your SEO link to the dotties page. Tweet SEODOTS @mvbeads and add which shop/website/blog you would like a backlink to and how many dots you are redeeming (max 19).

    Thank you all for the AWESOME FUN! See you September 1st for the next big games, or on twitter and FaceBook for smaller games before then :)

    The ♡it?♡it! Contest is June 17th to 21st at BTW :)

    ♡ With LOVE and THANKS! ♡

    1. Hi MV! I am currently a follower :)

      I have a question, I have the widget already on my Blogger blog & ArtFire blog do those count or do I need to make a new entry?

    2. From your Zazzle store I love your: The Purity of the Rose - Cream Rose - Green Leaves Shoes

      I got gardening on the brain!!

    3. Wheeee! So happy to see you this month as well ♥ You don't need to make new entries as long as they are still on the first page. If you add them to the side bar so they don't move down, they'd count every month since they'd always be there :)

      I hear you about gardening, this is why the games are smaller this month, I'm thinking about gardening all the time as well LOL It would be a waste not to be outside with this gorgeous weather!

    4. I have your widget on my website:

    5. Okay Dokey! Here is the new link to my ArtFire blog:

      And here is the permanent one one my Blogger blog:

    6. Here is another great item I like from your Zazzle store: Beadaholic - I bead, Therefore I am!

      I just started getting into beading Dog Collar Charms and it is very addictive!

    7. Beading can indeed be so addictive! Be warned LOL It's so much FUN though, isn't it? ♥ Soon, you'll start wearing that shirt LOL

    8. Here is another item I like from your Zazzle store: Delicate Flames - Velvet & Fire Opal Jeweled Feet Shoes

      I think it is such a cool idea.

    9. Hey Toots!! I follow your blog and I have your widgett in my artfire shop!!

    10. YAY! Kris is here! SEW happy to see you, missed you!

    11. Good to be back!! Just promoted your games on my FB page!!

    12. Here is another great item in your Zazzle store: Get Well Wishes - A Thousand Paper Cranes Postage Stamps

    13. I am a follower and this is my favorite item from your zazzle store

      I want a zazzle store!

    14. WHEEE! Thank you ladies ♥ All scores have been updated!

      CCS, it's really easy to set up a Zazzle store, go for it! :)