Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Use an Artfire Discount Coupon Code or Gift Certificate (mv Visual Guide)

Redeeming a discount code on ArtFire is super easy!

This visual guide will walk you through the steps needed to redeem a Coupon Code or Gift Certificate valid in an ArtFire shop.

In summary, you would enjoy shopping, and enter the Discount Code on the second page of the checkout process.

The first page will be the Shopping Cart, the second one the proper Checkout. The reason for two pages is so the shipping can be calculated for an accurate Order Total. The third and last page will be the payment information page.

Let's look at using the Coupon Code mv10moreFUN for 10% more FUN :) Just replace MV10MOREFUN with your code in the instructions below.

(IMPORTANT! When a discount is in dollars, for example $10 OFF, it means your order has to be at least $10.00, otherwise it would be a NEGATIVE PAYMENT and it won't go through.)

How to redeem:

No ArtFire nor PayPal accounts necessary to use your Gift Certificate code, and no need to login anywhere. Easy Peasy! :)

To use the code:
1) Enjoy shopping at
2) Choose your pretties and click ADD TO CART
3) When ready to checkout choose your Location (United States, Canada, etc.) in the upper right corner of the Shopping Cart, and click CHECKOUT NOW.

The next page will have a Gift Certificate/Coupon Code box right above the address. Enter the code MV10MOREFUN and click APPLY COUPON. The Grand Total should have 10% deducted from it once the code has been applied.

Enter your shipping information and click SUBMIT ORDER AFTER confirming the discount has been applied and the total amount is correct. Amazon, Google, and PayPal payment choices will be given (For Credit Card payments, choose PayPal without logging in to PayPal).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please double-check your email is correct so the seller can contact you if needed.

And now for the visual guide... Easy as 1-2-3 :)

Enjoy Shopping - SO EASY and FUN :)

STEP 1: Get ready to checkout
Choose your location so Shipping can be calculated accurately, and then click CHECKOUT NOW.

STEP 2: Redeem your Coupon and enter your Shipping Information
Click APPLY COUPON to see your new Order Total. COOL!

Do check the discount HAS been applied and contact the seller before continuing if there are any problems.

STEP 3: Thank you for placing your order. THREE payment methods are available for your convenience :)
When ready, click SUBMIT ORDER. Amazon, Google, and PayPal payment choices will be given on the next page (For Credit Card payments, choose PayPal without logging in to PayPal).

NOTE: Sometimes there's an extra button PayPal or other sites will ask you to click to confirm your purchase. The payment is usually not complete until a confirmation email is sent by the electronic payments website.

DONE! :)
You have just taken advantage of a great deal :) Enjoy your pretties!

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