Monday, February 8, 2010

ANDEEdesigns - The Perfect Personalized Present

02/08 Buy Handmade, Make Someone Happy
Special Feature

Today I would like you to meet the TOP WINNER of the Favorite Undiscovered Studios contest for the month of February. This studio is filled with perfect personalized gifts for anyone who has someone or something close to their heart. Why perfect? Because a picture speaks a thousand words, and a photo of a loved someone or something sends those words straight to the heart!

How many people have received frames upon frames of pictures as gifts? Well, yes, now we have those fancy digital frames with moving images, but still. It's all the same thing. Wouldn't you love to be able to surprise someone, or even yourself, with something different? Enter andeedesigns' studio.

Let's see. Valentine's Day is around the corner and my DH has the same old picture in his wallet. It's really looking ragged from all the years of being transferred from wallet to wallet :) Well, look at that, andeedesigns has a section with gifts for Men and that personalized keychain would SO solve the ragged photo problem. Or maybe the business card holder. Both great choices! (Sealed and scratch free too!)

How about a gift for your sweetheart? If you think a picture of yourself would be too much at this stage in your relationship, how about a drawing you made for her, like a heart. Or her favorite rock star. Or a picture of your new AWESOME car. Or her favorite pet... Have an idea? Contact the artisan :)

Oh, and Mother's day! What better gift for a mother than a custom photo pendant or bracelet of her kids? Now she won't ever have to whip out those photos from her purse again. She won't even need to show them to anyone because people will ask about the jewelry: "Are those your kids? They are beautiful!" and the conversation about kids can start just like that :) Oh wait! There's also a purse hanger, how cool is THAT?!

Ok, I'll stop LOL. I think the idea is pretty clear. If it can be made into an image, it can be made into a Perfect Personalized Present by andeedesigns :)

I encourage you to contact the artisan above if you see an item you love, even if just to let them know how much you enjoy their work. Share your favorites in the comments section, and twitter, plurk, blog, etc. if you find something you like!

Make sure you also check their bio for a cute story on how the name ANDEE came to be. OH! And before I forget, they have a sale going on right now where you can get a necklace half-price if you buy something else at regular price. Like you could get a purse key finder and a necklace for $35, or a cell phone charm and a necklace for $25. Pretty cool!

andeedesigns's studio sections are:


andeedesigns's Lowest priced item is $10. The highest priced item is $35.

Here is a favorite example of their work, from their gallery (image links to the Necklaces category):

What is YOUR favorite item from this shop? Will you gain the bragging rights of being their first sale? :)

Comments section is open for gushing and bragging :) Please proceed! :)

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  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and for dropping by! <3

    Digital keychains... I have yet to see handcrafted digital keychains, although I'd probably go for one decorated by my favorite artist (she paints some really awesome owls!). I'm still leaning towards andeedesigns' one though, it has an artisan's positive energy and there's no need to turn on a screen to show off LOL